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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you keep bees?
    No, we are not be keepers. We source our raw materials from local suppliers.
  2. Can I use Duzz-All Beeswax on my chopping boards?
    Yes, like all things from a beehive, beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial, therefore Duzz-All Beeswax is ideal for chopping boards , turned salad bowls and butcher’s blocks.
  3. Can I use Duzz-All Beeswax on my oil skin?
    Duzz-All beeswax is ideal for rewater proofing Oilskins and Driz-a-Bone jackets and coats.
  4. Can I use Duzz-All Beeswax on Swade?
    Duzz-All beeswax will darken and flatten the pile on swade. If they are work boots or tramping boots and your main concern is to water proof, the appearance is not important, then Duzz-All will do that.
  5. How do I know if Duzz-All beeswax is suitable for my table top?
    Apply a small amount as a test patch, if the product remains greasy, buff it back off. The surface of the table has been sealed with a non-porous finish and the product cannot penetrate.
  6. Will Duzz-All Beeswax darken leather?
    Leather fades with age. Most times, apparent darkening is the product returning the leather to its original colour. On some fine grade leathers such as calf skin, pig skin or reconstituted leather, Duzz-All may darken. If in doubt, do a small test patch.
  7. Will Duzz -All Beeswax stain my cloths if I use it on my lounge or carseats ?
    No, Duzz-All Beeswax is a grease free formula made with pure essential oil. We
    don’t use animal fats or Petro-chemical extracts, which often leave a sticky residue.
  8. Can I take your products back to Australia?
    Yes, commercially prepared and packaged products, for personal use only, that contain Beeswax or honey can be taken or shipped to Australia.

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